9 Metaverse Projects That Will Blow Up 2022

Read about the top Metaverse projects that will blow up 2022. Get detailed info on them.

9 Metaverse Projects That Will Blow Up 2022

The metaverse is spreading over the world as its popularity grows. Virtual worlds are sprouting like weeds, and nearly every new game appears to have its own blockchain. At least once, large firms such as Facebook and Epic Games have either planned or discussed a metaverse initiative. It won't be long until more businesses begin to follow suit. With the expansion of the Metaverse, we can see a lot of projects that are populating the virtual world.

In this article, we'll look at 9 of the most promising projects and analyse how they might affect the future of entertainment.

#1. MetaCity (Enjin)

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MetaCity is a multi-gaming ecosystem by Enjin that produces NFTs, not to be mistaken with the open-source Windows administration software of the same name. Since the entire network is based on Ethereum, all transactions will be validated by ERC-20 payment systems.

MetaCity is unique in that it offers its own variants of well-known games like Minecraft and GTA. Players can visit their favourite planets and engage in their favourite activities while earning in-game money.


If you're a big fan of mobile games, especially RPGs, you've probably heard about Legend of Mir or Mir4. WEMADE, a South Korean game firm with a strong presence in the mobile community, has two of the biggest titles.

WEMIX is a WEMADE company that has largely capitalised on the latter's brand recognition. WEMIX includes a slew of blockchain-based videogames, each with its own economy and NFTs, spreading off from the massive Legend of Mir.

Bird Tornado and Touch Fighter are just a few of them. You can win exclusive items by playing any of these videogames, which can be exchanged for WEMIX tokens or saved as NFTs.

#3. MetaHero

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Those who have ever created an avatar know how difficult it can be to get it just right, something that accurately expresses themselves. If you're one of them, there's some good news for you.

Users can construct a digital edition of themselves with MetaHero. This isn't one of those cartoons you see at festivals. It's about a full-fledged, realistic digital revolution.

MetaHero immortalises you as an NFT using powerful 3D scanning technology. You can make money off of this token by selling it to curious collectors, using it in your favourite game, or simply keeping it for posterity. Who knows, maybe you'll become famous one day, and your avatar will be worth a lot of money.

#4. Axie Infinity

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When it comes to Axie Infinity, the term "project" is a bit of a misnomer because it already has a representation in the virtual world.

Axie Infinity, unlike the others on this list, is a standalone game instead of a compilation of them. Axie is a game developed by Sky Mavis, a Vietnamese business that was little known before its sudden climb to fame. It allows you to gather and sell creatures. You'll understand why this videogame was made if you're a Pokémon enthusiast.

Axie creatures come in different shapes and sizes, and players can gather them all. You can gain tokens by fighting other gamers with the things you find. Each Axie creature is valued something, and some are worth substantially more than others.

#5. The Sandbox

The Sandbox comes the closest to the virtual world definition of all the titles discussed. In truth, the initiative is still in its early stages and is just in its alpha phase. For experienced gamers, this is the ideal state for a fresh new game because it allows for early exploration and a strong foothold on the advantages and disadvantages.

The Sandbox is a free virtual world ecosystem where you can buy land, create buildings, go treasure hunting, and pretty much do whatever you want. Consider Minecraft, but with far superior graphics. There's also a market, comparable to a store, where gamers can buy whatever they need. Players can now participate in alpha testing and gain access to new content and NFT creation.

#6. Decentraland (MANA)

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Virtuality in social situations Decentraland refers to itself as a "virtual universe." In 2015, Decentraland, a digital concept setting, was released. Enjoying virtual events, playing games, and trading digital stuff can let you meet individuals from all over the world.

Animal Crossing was inspired by Decentraland. Every virtual asset in Decentraland is under the power of the players. MANA can be used to create virtual property rights on the Ethereum network.

#7. Star Atlas (ATLAS)

Star Atlas is a virtual reality game set in the year 2620. Conquest, political dominance, and resource gathering are all featured in Star Atlas. Tokens can be earned at any time during the game.

SOLANA is the game's most valuable asset. The "Ethereum Slayer" is Solana. There are no exorbitant gas expenses or scalability issues. Virtual ships, individuals, places, and weapons are all present. Star Atlas' in-game government system is called POLIS.

#8. Booktopia (BLOK)

Bloktopia is a brand-new project which already has some big personalities onboard. Popular crypto exchanges such as KuCoin and CoinMarketCap call Bloktopia home.

Metaverse's work is fueled by Polygon's network. Real-time 3D development engines are used to create the best virtual reality special elements. NFT can be used to purchase BLOK property in Blocktopia, as it can in other Metaverses. The BLOK token's value is boosted by the staking program's annual payment of up to 60%.

#9. RedFox (RFOX)

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Red Fox Labs is a software startup that is developing a virtual retail mall. It aspires to be a stand-alone Metaverse that blends RFOX VAULT with Callinova Auction to offer an immersive shopping experience for users.

Red Fox also comes with two tokens to aid with operations and functions. The VFOX tokens, unlike the RFOX tokens, are reward-based.


The metaverse is enormous, and it's just going to get bigger and bigger. At the moment, more and more digital worlds are forming. Some people favour the early trip, whereas others prefer to wait until the end. Regardless of whatever category you belong to, enjoy your time with existing platforms because they will soon become the tip of the VR iceberg.