Online Education Platform by Byte Brackets

Online education is booming due to the pandemic. Read this post if you're looking for the cheapest LMS for your business.

Online Education Platform by Byte Brackets

Online education has exploded in popularity over the years in a society dominated by digital technology. And it looks like it'll be around for a while.

Given the increased necessity for virtual communication during the continuing epidemic, as well as an increased focus on upskilling and reskilling across industries, it's reasonable to conclude that the benefits of online learning have become much more obvious to working professionals.

Why Do Students Prefer Online Education Platform?

Here are some reasons why online education platform is highly in demand:

1. Flexibility

Many people choose online learning because of its convenience. You or your team may complete classes without having to go to a physical campus by learning remotely from anywhere. Although some online courses require students to attend live lectures, you may fit your study into your already hectic schedule and work at your own speed.

2. Career Advancement Potential

The biggest incentive for extending one's education, according to the Emeritus study, was to enhance one's profession. This is also true in general when it comes to online education. Upskilling or reskilling, receiving a promotion or wage raise, or changing occupational sectors are all examples of career progression. Working professionals like online learning since it is a flexible choice.

3. Plethora of Courses and Programs

One of the most significant benefits of online learning is that professionals may learn from colleges all over the world and select the curriculum that best suits their needs without having to relocate their life. This gives you a wider range of alternatives for achieving your objectives or training your employees.

4. Immediately Applicable Coursework

One of the best things about online learning for professionals is that you may apply your courses to your full-time job right away, which is especially useful if you're upskilling and want to continue in your present field.

5. Affordability

Overall, the cost of an online program varies, but with a greater variety of offers and types of credentials comes a greater variety of pricing ranges. You may select an online curriculum that not only satisfies your professional requirements but also falls within your budget. In general, you'll save cash that would have been spent on lodging and daily commutes to campus. If your program matches with your present or future obligations, your company may be prepared to pay for your training or reimburse you for fees.

6. Time Management Skill Development

Time management is one of the most important factors in our life. You may have to balance family and personal duties with work ones, as well as everything else life throws at you. As a professional enrolled in an online course, you're probably juggling work and school. This necessitates planning ahead and maybe breaking down your duties into smaller portions. Learning to manage your time is a valuable ability to have in the long run.

ByteBrackets: Best Online Education Platform

The ByteBrackets LMS platform is an online learning platform. It has been widely praised by thousands of people all across the world. We at ByteBrackets designed this online training plan not only for students but also for instructors and educators, in order to deliver the greatest learning solution to the educational business. The LMS is one of the best online teaching platform in the market, and also the best online learning platform for schools and it can be customized to meet your specific needs.

The platform is loaded with features and chances to start an EdTech business on the fly, keeping up with modern website development standards. You don't want to be an expert developer to build your own eLearning platform because cutting-edge technologies are used. The MERN (ReactJs(NextJs), MongoDB, Express, Node) technological stack, along with robust APIs, provides a competitive web and business experience.

How Does The LMS Software Work?

Step 1: Signup - Any user can signup by filling out a quick registration form totally free of cost

Step 2: Login - Any user can log in via Email

Step 3: Explore Courses - Explore and enroll in various online courses based on your requirement

Step 4: View Course Rating - Go through the detailed course page and check out the intro video and ratings

Step 5: View Instructors - Explore the various instructors enrolled on the platform

Step 6: Add to cart - Users can purchase courses with an inbuilt ready cart shopping system

Step 7: Learn - Learn the courses you have purchased and added to my course section

What does Byte Brackets’ LMS include?

  • Admin Panel
  • Instructor Panel
  • Learner Panel
  • Andriod Application
  • iOS Application
  • Web Application

Why Go for Byte Brackets LMS System?

We are best in what we do. Here are some of the features of our platform:

  • Easy application submission
  • Get bug support
  • Continuous maintenance
  • Easy payment structure
  • Get weekly updates
  • Vimeo & VdoCipher for video content delivery for cheaper platform maintenance cost

The complete platform is designed keeping in mind the needs of small to medium-size businesses to take their training or courses online and move from catering to a limited size audience to selling courses nationwide and thus increasing revenue exponentially. We have integrated Vimeo and VdoCipher for content delivery to make sure maintenance cost is affordable for your business and it grows with your business to take off the pressure. We guarantee the cheapest solution with maximum security.

A combination of Youtube, Vimeo for cheaper delivery for normal courses that do not need high security and VdoCipher to deliver videos with a combination of Hollywood standard DRMs(encryption) directly licensed with Google & Apple & proprietary viewer specific watermarking ensuring the highest level of security that is used by giants like NETFLIX and Disney Hotstar.


It doesn't matter if your business is big or small, our platform will help you break your company reach and get you a huge pack of the audience. With the help of our advanced website development standards, your Ed-tech business will reach new heights. To see if this platform is for you or not, you can check out all the features mentioned above.

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