8 Takeaway Points from the CES 2022 Event

Check out these key points from CES 2022 event. Catch all the features of this tech event.

8 Takeaway Points from the CES 2022 Event
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CES has always been a doorway into what the technological revolution will look like down the track. However, it acted as a microcosm of our hectic, messy, and unexpected existence this year.

CES 2022 is just about done, and while it adopted an unusual hybrid structure of in-person and digital briefings this year, we have seen a large amount of fascinating technology, both things that are ready for sale and ideas to look forward to in the near future. If you are a tech geek in the marketing industry, you must go through the following key points of the CES 2022 event.

#1. Selfies and social shopping

The Vivo V23 smartphone bills itself as a selfie camera. The Chinese company appears to have studied its competitors' incredibly powerful back-facing cameras and chosen to zig where they zag. The mid-range cell phone has two front-facing cams and a slew of installed software to enhance its high-resolution selfies, and it appears to be aimed towards the influencer and social media populations.

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For marketers, this is more proof of the influencer's potency. It also confirms Snapchat's claim that the cam is the new computer and the major mode of communication for a new generation. The smart bet is on a bigger, more advanced range of digital tryons, filters, and brand marketing options, all of which will be fueled by the selfie.

#2. Buying ads on cars

The 'color-changing automobile' was probably the most eye-catching news to emerge from CES 2022. BMW introduced its E Ink-powered iX Flow tech (basically the same as that found in a Kindle) that enables the car's exterior to move between black and white tones. While this type of technology on vehicles is still in its infancy, it's a safe bet that it will soon be used to sell advertising on the exterior of vans, automobiles, and trucks.

#3. Gaming tech is big business

The hottest monitors and gaming technology, as expected, had a strong presence at the expo. The 50-inch M-Series Quantum X 4K HDR Gaming Smart TV, which could allow home devices like the PS5 to bloom, or double as a PC display owing to its variable frame rates, made a splash with Vizio's largest and loudest monitors. Panasonic's best-selling LZ2000 OLED TV, on the other hand, is designed for today's gamers. It serves as a timely reminder to advertisers and companies that gaming is becoming more popular, with a larger audience than ever.

#4. Metaverse-mania

This CES 2022 would be good evidence if you wanted to demonstrate that the metaverse does not exist as a physical idea. It was a buzzword that crept into otherwise sensible and fascinating tech talks. It was linked with everything from smart glasses to commercial solutions to motion recognition technology, all of which contributed to further confuse the already hazy notion of the metaverse.

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What is the takeaway for marketers? Your clients' visions of the metaverse are likely extremely different from those of their rivals and customers as a whole. It is now formless, with a slew of flaws to address before it can be used as a marketing platform.

#5. 5G goes mainstream

It's easy to overlook that 5G was previously touted as a game-changing smartphone upgrade. The idea that it would allow for seamless live VR experiences on mobile devices while also dramatically improving streaming abilities has only been accomplished to a limited extent thus far. Despite this, a number of mid-range, bordering on budget devices, such as the impressive-looking Nokia G400, were on display at CES2022 and will incorporate 5G as standard.

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It serves as a reminder to advertisers that not everyone has access to the most up-to-date technology, but that those people will eventually be catered to. The next generation of data collection and content delivery is on the verge of being more publicly available.

#6. 4K focus

4K technology for home displays, like 5G, is becoming more inexpensive. While 4K TV penetration in the United States is currently about 50% of all households with televisions, the percentage is rising, as attention shifts to the 8K future. While the recently announced TCL 98R754 is hardly a generational change, it and other CES2022 releases illustrate that the premium TV industry still has the opportunity to push 4K to audiences.

It's difficult to sell the advantages of 4K on screens that don't have the option to view it, just as it was with the change to HD and the difficulty of selling VR.

#7. Luxury items aren't going away anytime soon

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There was a lot to appreciate about this CES for marketers that specialise in marketing the latest tech advancements. There are excellent illusions around which to build advertising campaigns, from Samsung's innovative Eco Remote, which fuels itself over Wi-Fi and cellular signals, to networks that automatically modify their antennae predictions.

#8. Wearables are experiencing a mini-renaissance

Smartwatches may not be as popular as they once were, but the latest revisions show that they are still a top concern for hardware and software developers. For instance, the Garmin Venu 2 +, which includes a speaker and mic, allows you to access voice assistants and all of their promotional strategies directly from your phone.

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The point to which wearables are being incorporated into fitness and health solutions is the big discovery for marketers at this event. Given the importance of athleisure in many online business and affiliate initiatives in 2022, marketers should think about wearables as a key component of any such campaign.


So, these were the technologies that were showcased at the CES 2022 event. Many corporations use the CES event as the first opportunity to show off their technologies for the following year. While big names dominate, it's also a chance for smaller businesses to show off either incredible inventions or goods that, to be honest, would never see the light of day.